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The Squidget or the Squidget Pop Top

Tiny Travel Trailers

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I have finished a long term project, putting a collection of anecdotes, true stories, and observations from my fishing experiences over the past 70 plus years. I have finally published my E-book, "An Old Timer's Fish Tales". This book, consisting of 20 chapters, is intended to be informative, entertaining, and sometimes humorous. It covers my fishing experiences in my home state of Florida, Maryland where we lived for 27 years, and many vacation trips to Mississippi to visit my wife's family. If you are interested, you can read a sample here . The book can be purchased in PDF format on the Order page for $2.99.


Do you want a camping trailer like no other sold anywhere? You can build your own Tiny Travel Trailer using one of my two sets of plans that are both VERY DETAILED AND EASY-TO-FOLLOW. Samples of the plans can be viewed on the "Order The Plans" page. These are true examples of the quality and detail of the plans.

To see a larger photo of either image below, scroll down to move the two images to the top of your screen then move your cursor over either image. Move photos can be seen on the Gallery pages.

The Original Squidget Tiny Travel Trailer.

The NEW Squidget Pop Top Tiny Travel Trailer

With either the Squidget or the Squidget Pop Top, you can step up from tent camping at a modest cost. Or, with the high gas prices today, step down from a large, expensive to use and maintain RV.

Both of my trailers offer a surprising amount of space, storage, and comfort in such a small package. They can be towed by some small cars and by most small pickups. And, at only 5 feet wide, it doesn't require additional rear view "trailer" mirrors to see the road behind.

Visit the Features and Photo Galleries to see what the Squidget and the Squidget Pop Top have to offer folks who love camping and comfort. Take the Video Tours and see all of their convenient features. Many of your questions are answered on the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page. If that's not enough information, you can contact me from the menu to the left, or email me at, and I will answer your quesions ASAP.

Are the Winter Blues setting in? Too cold outside for building things? Now is the time to get your plans and have several months to print and study the plans, research parts and materials, and plan your trailer construction. Remember the five Ps of any project? Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Don’t wait too late to order. Get started now.

Enjoy your visit.

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