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Plans are available by digital plans download. Upon completion of the digital download purchase, you will receive an email containing your login information to download the files. This email normally takes a few seconds to several minutes to arrive.

Plans Ordering Instructions:

Note: Downloading and printing of the plans should be performed only on a personal computer (PC). I cannot guarantee that you will be able to download the plans from a tablet or smart phone.

If you're not sure about procedures for downloading digital media (i.e., plans zip file), then please view these download procedures prior to ordering. The downloaded plans are in a Zip file and requires that your PC has the software/capability to extract the folders and files.

The plans sets include the following
Items Included Squidget Pop Top
Pages of written instructions (PDF format) 70+ 80+
Pages of diagrams (PDF format) 40+ 60+
Photos included (JPEG format) 300+ 300+
Information on parts, materials and supplies Y Y
Information on tools (required and optional) Y Y
Helpful tips and suggestions Y Y
Adobe Acrobat Reader Installation Y Y

All written material is in PDF format, viewable and pritable via Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader (included). The photos are in 640x480 JPEG format.

To give you an idea of the level of detail that you will find in my plans, here are some samples of my work. I've included samples of both written instructions and diagrams Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these documents):

- Sample Table of Contents
- Sample Side Construction Steps
- Tail Light Template
- Tongue Box Construction

Special Dual Pack Offer: If you would like to purchase both sets of plans, the second set will be only half price ($20.00).

Plans Pricing Options (recently revised):

Single Plan Sets:
Squidget or Pop Top plans plans electronic download - $39.99

Dual Plan Set With Discount:
Electronic download of Dual Plans Pack - $59.99

You can pay securely and easily via PayPal with either your credit card, personal check or your PayPal account. However, if a payment is paid via PayPal with a check, I do not ship the plans until the check has cleared, usually about 5 business days.

For a digital download of the plans, click on the "Download Squidget Plans” button (Option 1), the "Download Pop Top Plans” button (Option 2) or the "Download Plans Package" button (Option 3) .



Option 1: Download Squidget Plans for $39.99


Option 2: Download Squidget Pop Top Plans for $39.99


Option 3: Download Dual Plans Pack for $59.99


Download "An Old Timer's Fish Tales" for $2.99

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